The negotiation teams are in stock, this weekend the meeting between Kovacevski and Taravari

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A meeting between Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski and the president of the Alliance for Albanians, Arben Taravari, for the entry of the opposition party into the Government, is expected this weekend, after last night AA was supposed to choose the team for negotiations, the Alliance briefed "Free Press". The agreement on a new governmental partnership, according to information, is expected to be 90 percent harmonized already at the first meeting between Kovacevski and Taravari, after the official start of negotiations.

The offer for the entrance of the Alliance of "Ilindenska" is the ministries of justice and health, and the offer for the third ministry for the party of Taravari will fall from the agreement on the rotation of departments between SDSM and DUI. According to the information, the negotiations for a new government partner will be led by the leaders of SDSM and Alliance, Kovacevski and Taravari, accompanied by general secretaries Mile Zecevic and Krenar Loga, as well as First Vice Prime Minister Artan Grubi on behalf of DUI and Vice President of Alliance, Elmi Aziri.

This will mean that the Government remains in the position that the three government partners SDSM, DUI and Alternativa should give up one department each for the Alliance to become part of the government majority. After Kovacevski and the leader of DUI Ali Ahmeti failed to convince the president of Alternativa Afrim Gashi two days ago to cede the department of health, it remains unknown how Afrim Gashi's party will react, that is, whether they will remain in the government.

Kovacevski and Ahmeti are expected to agree on the third ministry that will belong to the Alliance. According to the information, there will probably be a reshuffle of ministries between SDSM and DUI, according to the weight of the portfolios that they cede to the Alliance, but also to preserve the ethnic balance in the Government, which Kovacevski guaranteed at the meeting with the smaller government partners. SDSM cedes the portfolio of Justice, Alternative - Health, DUI will cede one portfolio to the Alliance and one reshuffle of a ministry with SDSM. Apart from the three departments from the first government echelon, the Alliance's condition for entering the Government is double representation in the lower echelons than that of Alternativa, because they have twice as many MPs as Gashi's party. This will mean that if Alternativa has one deputy minister, Alliance will get two, if there are, for example, five director positions, they will get 10. Apart from the personnel decisions, Kovacevski and Taravari are expected to agree on the program objectives. Alliance insists on measures in the area of ​​anti-corruption and the rule of law, to pass a law on the vetting of judges, prosecutors, and politicians.

An alternative remains the position that the majority is stable and that there is no need for expansion, and if that happens, DUI and SDSM will pay the price, contrary to the explanation of Kovacevski and Ahmeti that with the entry of the Alliance there will be a more stable majority, i.e. a functional Assembly that will not to holster for quorum. Reservations and conditions for increasing the majority were also indicated by the Democratic Union, which insists that the fair and appropriate representation in the Government should not be violated. The "fire group" is also against increasing the majority. They believe that the entry of the Alliance into the Government is not for a more stable majority, but for the salvation of the First Vice Prime Minister Artan Grubi and the defactoring of the "fiery" MPs.

If Kovacevski and Taravari shake hands, and Alternativa remains in the Government, the parliamentary majority will number 72 MPs. If Alternativa leaves "Ilindenska", the majority instead of 72 will number 69, including the independent MP Skender Redzepi who left Alternativa and the "firemen", who for now do not question the ruling majority.

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