Personal data protection

By accessing the website, you agree that you accept the terms of this Policy for using the system. Http:// reserves the right to change these policies and conditions at any time, and the changes will be posted on this page.


Http:// will use the personal data of its users in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection and other appropriate rulebooks developed and valid on the basis of this law and other laws of the Republic of Northern Macedonia. SLOBODEN PECHAT DOO Skopje, Str. Quay 13th of November No. 12 GTC / local 12-DE.235 Skopje - Center EMBS 6895760, does not allow the disclosure of personal data to any third party, except in cases where it is allowed or legally prescribed, in order to exercise its rights or to protect its interests or to act in accordance with court orders or other legal or regulatory needs. The buyer / user of the service guarantees the accuracy of the entered data. Http:// does not bear any responsibility if the entered data are not correct.


Http:// ie SLOBODEN PECHAT DOO Skopje, Str. Quay 13th of November No. 12 GTC / local 12-DE.235 Skopje - Center Tax number MK4057013522738 EMBS 6895760, takes all necessary measures for protection of personal data in order to prevent loss, theft and abuse , as well as unauthorized access, alteration or destruction. Http:// for the entire duration of the transaction has no insight into the number, date, validity and security code of your payment card, nor does it have access to any information related to your bank account. The data is entered on the website of the processing center that processes online payment transactions.


With the realization of the order of the service and the payment of the desired service, it is considered that an agreement has been concluded between Http:// and the consumer / ordering party of the service.

The delivery of the service and the requested announcement, etc., is software and automatic and will be performed by Http:// according to the precisely stated request of the service client.


The services and their prices will be displayed on this website Http:// Payment for services can be by credit / debit card.

For any additional questions regarding the order and delivery method, you can contact us directly by phone or ask a question in the contact section.

  1. PAYMENT CARD RETURN POLICY ќе врши поврат на средствата на купувачот/нарачувачот на услугата, доколку биде направена погрешна уплата, а правото може да се оствари со доставување писмено барање или емаил и доказ за уплата, во кое ќе се наведе датум кога е извршена погрешната уплата и во кој износ.

Http:// has the right not to return the funds to the customer if it determines that the service was delivered as requested by the customer according to his needs and stated requirements and preferences.

After the system publishes the requested advertisement, please check the advertisement and if there are some errors in it and / or it is not in accordance with your preferences and your order, please do not ask by phone at the numbers: +389 2 5511 763 or 072 229 255, or send us an email with your data (name, surname and telephone) to the address [email protected] and state the reasons why you want to make a change in the ad. Please contact us no later than 24 hours after the announcement. Our operators will inform you about the further procedure, as soon as possible.