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GALLERY | Irresistible garden in the center of Strumica: Flowers are like people, it is felt when they are happy and when they are sad

Jasmina Kantardzieva Dimkov
Kristina Trendova's family garden is located in the center of Strumica, just behind the church "St. Demetrius and Gregory". She is over fifty years old and has experienced ...
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GALLERY | Looking for a place to escape from the city? Checked: In Mrzenci on a lamb from the oven that melts in the mouth, sticks to the fingers and soul

Jasmina Kantardzieva Dimkov
Biljana Mitrova is our interlocutor who reveals the secrets of the success of the popular restaurant "Javor Agapi" located in the village Mrzenci, near ...
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GALLERY | The magic garden in the city under Pelister: Observing the world through the eyes of plants is like living your earthly fairy tale

Jule N., a 58-year-old woman from Bitola, who otherwise lives near the Clock Tower, regularly visits her garden located in the eastern, peripheral part of the city. He says ...
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Marko Marinkovic-Slatkar about pinball, marijuana, stuttering and music: In my father's time it was unthinkable to have a rapper who swears and earns money so honestly, now there are more options

Mimi Stojanovska
After a long time and no interview, Marko agreed to talk about things he had not talked about before. The paternal role, together with the pandemic, removed him ...
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INTERVIEW | Dora Popova-Uzunovski, psychologist: Online teaching has atrophied motor development in children, developed laziness and deconcentration, urgent change is needed to save the young generations

Mimi Stojanovska
Due to the world pandemic, children suffer the most, in terms of the fact that it is difficult to explain to them why everything is happening, why you are working ...
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PHOTO | Looking for a peaceful weekend destination? We found her, and her name is, imagine, "Peace"!

Jasmina Kantardzieva Dimkov
If you are near Prilep, turn just a few kilometers from the city center. And you are already separated from the city congestion and you are surrounded ...