Djokovic returns to the top of the ATP: Steffi Graf's record falls in four weeks


Novak Djokovic won it for the 10th time Australian Open in Melbourne and won 22 Grand Slam titles. The Serbian tennis ace returned to the top of the world, that is, from Monday he will again be the first on ATP list.

Djokovic will begin his 374th week at the top of the ATP and is now just four weeks away from breaking the all-time singles tennis record held by the former German Steffi Graf with 377 weeks at the top Ranking list.

With 2000 points won for the title, Djokovic skipped him Carlos Alcaraz, who is now 340 points away. In the next four weeks, the young Spaniard will not only be unable to make up for that deficit, but due to an injury from which he is still recovering, he will likely lose another 500 points from last year's triumph at the Series 500 tournament in Rio.

As far as Stefanos Tsitsipas, with the defeat in the final, he missed the opportunity to become the first Greek at the top of the ATP list and the first Grand Slam champion from this country. With 6195 ATP points, he will surpass Casper Rude on the official ATP list and from Monday he will officially be the third racket on the planet, which is his best ranking in his career.

Now there will be a one-week break on the ATP tour, because the qualifiers for the Davis Cup will be played from Monday, and in February there will be four tournaments from the 500 series – Rotterdam, Rio, Acapulco and Dubai. In this last one, Djokovic defends 90 points for last year's quarterfinals, but this will not have a significant impact on the ranking.

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