VIDEO | Tsitsipas: Djokovic is the greatest ever to hold a tennis racket in history


The best Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic convincingly defeated him with 3:0 Stefanos Tsitsipas in the grand finale of Australian Open and thus won a record 22 Grand Slam titles.

After the match, Tsitsipas addressed Novak with great words and congratulated him in a sporting manner.

– Novak, I don't know what to say. I think it just says what you did. It's all in the numbers. Congratulations. You have such family support. I think it's similar to how you and I grew up. This has been an amazing journey, I admire what it has done for our sport. Thank you, Tsitsipas began and continued:

– I had the privilege to play very difficult matches. I would like to say one more time. Novak is one of the greatest in our sport. He is the greatest ever to hold a tennis racket in history. You push us all to the max. I am always thirsty to return and ready to return to the court to work with my team - says the Greek tennis player.

Then, he addressed the organizers.

– In the end, when I go back to Australia, it brings back memories. To all the ball collectors, photographers, organizers, thank you for putting in so much. We appreciate that. Thanks also to the sponsors who play a big role in our tennis, without them we could not do all this - are the words of Tsitsipas.

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