AMS announced an inspection in RFM after the case of the physical attack on the minor handball player

Photo: AMS

In the Macedonian sports public these days, the case of the pioneer coach from the ranks of Alkaloid is current. Vlatko Kotevski who is accused of physically assaulting an underage player.

Alkaloid earlier in the day announced that Kotevski was suspended for three months, and the suspension may change depending on the investigation. The editorship of "24 handball" turned to the Agency for Youth and Sports, which informed them that there would be an extraordinary inspection in the federation.

"After receiving the full report from the RFM, the director of AMS will initiate an extraordinary inspection in the federation, during which the authorized sports inspectors will oblige the federation through its disciplinary committee to take appropriate measures according to their statute and disciplinary rules, in order to achieve prevention for protection of athletes, especially when it comes to minors, says the response of the Agency for Youth and Sports.

Within the framework of their competences, the AMS has already prepared an official letter to the RFM for obtaining a full report of the indicated event, so that they would have a complete insight into the actual situation in Hungary.

RK Alkaloid has already issued a statement saying that their coach Vlatko Koteski has been suspended for three months due to "the existence of suspicion that during the specified period of the international tournament held in Hungary a disciplinary offense was committed by the assistant coach Vlatko Koteski, which directly the reputation of the club has been damaged."

Even before the publication of this announcement, the Agency for Youth and Sports has already requested additional information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

"AMS found out about this unfortunate event through the electronic media and immediately after the knowledge began to gather information about the events in Hungary, whereupon we received information from the Ministry of the Interior that the event was properly reported to them by the parent of the minor player, and the Ministry of the Interior within its competences are conducting the further investigation of the case", answered the AMS to "24rakomet".

The father of a minor handball player from Skopje reported that the coach attacked his son in Hungary

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