VIDEO | One step closer to the final: Andrijana Petrusovska "broke up" in "Stars of the Grand": Ceca and Serifovic delighted

Andrijana Petrushovska
Andrijana Petrushovska / Photo: Stars of the Grand

The young singer Andrijana Petrushovska literally "broke up" on Saturday at the biggest music competition in this area - "Stars of the Grand".

With all six votes from the jury, our Andriana traveled directly to the quarterfinals and thus signed a contract with "Grand Production".

The jury composed of Sasa Popovic, Ceca Raznatovic, Dragan Stojkovovi - - Bosnian, Ana Bekuta, Miles, Vicky Miljkovic and her mentor George David had only words of praise for Petrushovska's performance.

Particularly strong words for Andrijana ѝ were addressed by Marija фоerifovi……

"Bravo, bravo, insane", was Serifovic ко's comment, and it was followed by Ceca Raznatovi…… "What did I tell you, what did I tell you?" Bravo doll!

Besides the great performance, Andriana leaves attention on every show in the music show with her striking stylings, especially now when she was dressed as a "cat woman".

Watch her performance:


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