ERC made a decision: New fuel prices from midnight

Photo: Free Press Archive

The Regulatory Commission for Energy and Water Services of the Republic of Northern Macedonia adopted a Decision which reduces the retail prices of oil derivatives by an average of 0,82% compared to the decision of 23.06.2022.

Reference prices of oil derivatives on the world market compared to the previous calculation decreased by an average of 0,945% for gasoline, 1,174% for diesel, 0,425% for extra light oil and 1,806% for fuel oil.

Retail prices of petrol EUROSUPER BS-95 and EURODIESEL (DE V) are reduced by MKD 1,00 / liter, retail price of petrol EUROSUPER BS-98 is reduced by MKD 0,50 / liter. Retail price of Extra light household oil (EL-1) does not change. The retail price of fuel oil M-1 NS decreases by MKD 0,986 / kg and will amount to MKD 53,305 / kg.

From 28.6.2022 from 00:01 the maximum prices of oil derivatives will be:

Motor gasoline EUROSUPER BS - 95 109,00 (denars / liter)

Motor gasoline EUROSUPER BS - 98 111,50 (denars / liter)

Diesel fuel EURODIESEL BS (DE V) 109,00 (denars / liter)

Burning oil Extra light 1 (EL-1) 107,00 (denars / liter)

Fuel oil M-1 NS 53,305 (denars / kg)

Denar exchange rate against the dollar in the past period after which the prices were formed with the previous calculation is lower by 0,35%.

We mention that these are the maximum prices of oil derivatives from 00:01 on 28.6.2022. Wholesalers and retailers of petroleum products and transport fuels may set the prices of certain petroleum products and fuels for transport below the highest established prices.


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