Rama: North Macedonia should accept the new French proposal without hesitation


The Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama today he stated that North Macedonia should without hesitation accept the new French proposal, which, according to him, is also final, and paves the way for opening EU membership negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia.

In a meeting with journalists after the NATO Summit in Madrid, Rama described the efforts made to reach an agreement that paves the way for the official opening of negotiations.

All the time, he added, I was in contact with French President Emmanuel Macron, who, according to him, deserves a lot of thanks and recognition, because he personally followed this process for 48 hours, even after midnight, he exchanged messages with Rama.

In my opinion, the new proposal, which is the last one, must be well understood in North Macedonia, is a completely acceptable proposal and the government, the majority, the parliament, should accept it without hesitation. The society in North Macedonia should feel completely liberated because the impasse has been overcome and some nuances that made the previous proposal unacceptable have been eliminated, said Rama.

The Albanian Prime Minister informed that he had a constructive conversation with the President of Bulgaria. Rumen Radev.

It is very clear for everyone. We have no problem with Bulgaria, no concern of any nature other than the concern created by Bulgaria's approach to North Macedonia and the hostage taking of North Macedonia and Albania in a process that could have been much more civil and European than Bulgaria. But that is water that has passed under the bridge and with the closing of the review process by North Macedonia on the French proposal, there is nothing to add when it concerns Bulgaria. I wish, in the future, that we do not cross the roads of "Bulgaria", in other forms, as an expression of the distortion of the spirit of expansion, said Rama.

Yesterday, the Albanian Prime Minister announced on social networks that North Macedonia is being given the opportunity for unconditional access and opens the way for the official start of negotiations for the membership of the two countries in the European Union. He added in the announcement: I say to the brothers Macedonians and Albanians in North Macedonia: Accept!, wrote Rama.

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