Karposh sells 40.000 square meters of state land near the "Ilinden" barracks, an entire neighborhood will be built

Council of the Municipality of Karposh / photo: MIA / illustration

Over 40.000 square meters of state land near the "Ilinden" barracks will be sold by the Municipality of Karposh, and buildings can then be built on the space, after the councilors voted the decision at yesterday's session, reported "SDK.mk".

11 construction plots will be sold at a public auction, and according to the DUP of 2018, adopted when the mayor was Stefan Bogoev from SDSM, the buildings will be able to have a ground floor, five floors and an attic, with a height of 21 meters. The plan also includes stamps for the construction of a new school, facilities intended for embassies, as well as facilities for the needs of the Ministry of Defense.

Eight councilors from SDSM, two from GROM, one from the Democratic Party of Serbs and one councilor from VMRO-DPMNE, who left the councilor group, voted for the decision. Four councilors from Left and two from "Nezavisni za Karposh" were against, while five councilors from VMRO-DPMNE abstained.

The Mayor of Karposh, Stevcho Jakimovski says that there is nothing controversial, because this allows Karposh to expand to the outskirts and reduces the pressure for construction in the urban part of the municipality.

"The same councilors from VMRO-DPMNE who did not vote now, voted for this plan in 2018 and praised it that it would enable expansion to the periphery. The procedure will be carried out transparently at a public auction, that is, whoever offers the highest price will buy the land," says Jakimovski.

Councilors from "Nezavisni za Karposh" were against the sale of the state land.

"Yes, Karposh should expand in that part, but not by alienating construction land, or if it is already alienated, with conditions for many more green and public areas, and not everything that is social needs to be sold," says councilor Tatjana Stojanovska from "Independents for Karposh".

The DUP for Ilinden barracks was adopted in 2018, during the mandate of Stefan Bogoev.

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