Halili: The new approach in Macedonian-Bulgarian relations will yield results

Muhammad Khalili, Photo: Archive

President of the Council of Ambassadors and former Ambassador to Denmark, Muhammad Khalilibelieves that this new approach between Macedonia and Bulgaria will yield results.

- The process should not stop in the middle of the road. So far, political leaders, especially the previous Bulgarian prime minister, have been an obstacle to developing good neighborly bilateral co-operation. However, we can not have a quick solution. "If a climate of cooperation is not created, we will wait a long time for the desired results," Khalili said on TV24's "Trilling" show.

"In politics, it is possible to rise again as we previously waited for NATO entry and the Greek veto, but I personally think that now will not be because we already have an active dialogue," Khalili said.

"The least I expect is for this government and the EU to start negotiations," Khalili said.

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