Gruevski was serviced by various structures and it was not difficult for him to escape, says Gjuner Ismail

Gjuner Ismail
Gjuner Ismail / Morning briefing

The former Minister of Culture Gjuner Ismail in tonight's show "Just an interview" he said that he thinks that "the day will come when we will overcome the shame, which was arranged for us by strange people advised by strange parties, some of whom are not here", alluding to the former prime minister Nikola Gruevski.

Ismail says that Gruevski probably did not find the operation to escape the country difficult and complicated, because he was "served by various structures".

"He did not escape under strange circumstances. That man was obviously well served by various structures. I would not dare to say that it was the work of a compromise, but if one day it becomes known that there was such a compromise, I will not be surprised. Now I wouldn't be sure that's the case though. "I understand that he was serviced by many parties and to make such an escape from Skopje to Budapest was not such a complicated operation," he said.

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