PHOTO: A car with Skopje license plates ended up in the Aegean Sea in Halkidiki

Photo: Grcka info / Facebook

A car that is claimed to have Skopje license plates, today fell into the sea near Nea Kalikratia in Halkidiki, it was announced on social networks.

Photos are shared from the car, which fortunately was empty and no one was injured in the accident.

Hello, we would like to draw the attention of our followers to parking on hills. Definitely lift the parking brake and the car is always in gear. Unfortunately, an accident occurred in Nea Kalikratia today, when a parked car landed in the sea. Fortunately, no one was in the car. "The tourists are from Macedonia, Skopje license plates," reads the statement the announcement on the regional Facebook page "Grcka info".

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