BUBA MARA – remains the most listened to Skopje radio

Radio Buba Mara is the most listened to regional station in the past year 2022, shows the just published annual report of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services (AVMU).

With that, Bubamara continues the trend of listening and consolidates the status of the most listened to regional radio in the past year as well, a title that it manages to keep in all quarterly surveys and reports of AVMU from 2018 onwards.

The annual survey showed that in all 4 quarters of 2022, Radio Bubamara has a significant advantage over the second-ranked radio station both in terms of daily listenership and as the radio of constant choice.

Rating in 2022

It would not be possible without the support and dedication of the listeners.

On a global level, despite the major changes that have taken place in the media market in the last 10 years, radio remains the most consumed medium, UNESCO has determined.

The unique ubiquity of radio is its ability to reach the widest audience and influence the creation of a shared experience, filled with diversity and open to all. Radio stations and radio listeners everywhere continue to create rarely strong connections, and in recent years, Radio Bubamara has created the most popular city radio, with over 50.000 listeners interacting with it during the day.

Buba Mara most listened radio

This obliges Radio Buba Mara to continue to remain - the good spirit of the capital.

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