Why are truffles so expensive?

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There is more and more talk about them - the most valuable and most expensive mushroom in the world, in addition to its specific taste, hides many values, so its price goes up to several thousand euros per kilogram.

Truffles are specific because they are extremely difficult to find, so some people probably eat them because it is fancy to eat truffles. But the real reason for their worship comes from their smell, they give a very specific aroma to each dish and do not call them empty black gold. Fresh truffles are commonly used in restaurants, but truffle oil, butter and cheese with these mushrooms are also fantastic.

Photo: Truffles / Source: Profimedia

The demand for them seems to be growing lately. People want to try something different, especially since there is a lot of talk about them, that the price of portions of truffles is certainly more expensive than those without them and that it mainly depends on how many truffles, for example, are grated on a particular dish.

In addition to the special taste they give to food, the old story is that truffles are a natural aphrodisiac, that they provide vitality and that they are great food for the brain that makes us smarter. But it is not easy to reach them.


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These fungi grow underground, and only in certain areas, in the forests of Europe, and sometimes in Australia and Oregon, and only grow if they are in symbiosis with trees. As they mature underground, they emit odors that only pigs and dogs trained for that purpose can smell. And because they are so difficult to reach, and can not be grown artificially, truffles are a highly valued food in gastronomy.


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Also, their specific aroma evaporates very quickly and that is why it is very important for the truffle to reach the table as soon as possible. And that's another reason for their high price - in addition to being rare, inaccessible, healthy and tasty.


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There are several hundred different types of truffles, of which only a dozen are eaten. They have been sought since ancient times because they can be a great source of income, and one of the most famous regions rich in truffles is Istria in Croatia. They find an incredible seven to nine tons of truffles a year. Almost a third of them are black truffles, and the rest are white truffles, which can be found only from September to December and therefore their price is higher - up to an incredible 5.000 euros per kilogram. The largest truffle ever found weighed 1.310 grams and entered the Guinness Book of World Records.


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