Why a just peace for Ukraine means peace for the world

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Representatives from 100 countries in the world participated. A joint communiqué was adopted, which coincides with the main points of the Peace Formula of Ukrainian President Zelensky. The messages from the Summit are clear and unequivocal.

The Global Peace Summit for Ukraine held in Switzerland is of great importance on at least six grounds. First of all, the Summit resulted in a joint communique with the support of high representatives and leaders from 80 countries in the world.
What are the six key takeaways from this summit?
1. International law: Statesmen from all over the world insist on respecting international law, in the first place, the Charter of the United Nations and resolutions A/RES/ES-11/1 and A/RES/ES-11/6. This insistence on basic international legal documents indicates that Russia has trampled the foundations upon which rests the world order after the Second World War. International law must be restored, and this can only be achieved by achieving and establishing a lasting and just peace for Ukraine, but also by holding Putin and his clique accountable for the brutal aggression, war crimes and destruction unseen since the end of World War II. .
2. Global consequences: The participants of the Peace Summit agreed on the fact that Russian aggression "continues to cause great human suffering and destruction and create risks and crises with global consequences for the world". All the views expressed during the Peace Summit, as well as in the document supported by 80 out of 100 participating countries, inevitably refer to the whole world, and not only to Ukraine.
3. Territorial integrity: The most important determination agreed upon by the state leaders of the 80 countries that supported the Joint Communiqué is that which refers to respecting the "territorial integrity or political independence of any state, the principles of sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all states" , including Ukraine, within their internationally recognized borders, including territorial waters." This emphasizes the principle of inviolability of the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine, which means the territories occupied by the Russian Federation in 2014. It is one of the most important points of the Peace Formula of Ukrainian President Zelensky.
4. Nuclear threat: The world once again perceives the enormous danger of the misuse of nuclear facilities as a threat to the world's nuclear security. Considering that the Russian aggressors have been blackmailing and threatening the security of Europe's largest nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia throughout the war, this threat is more than real and concerns the nuclear security of all of Europe and beyond. In response to Russian nuclear threats, the peace summit participants said they were unacceptable. That's right, the nuclear threat from Moscow is unacceptable for 80 countries in the world. A question should be addressed to those who were absent in support of the joint communique, as well as those who did not participate in the Summit at all: Do they consider Russian nuclear threats acceptable and how do they explain this to the public in those countries.
5. Food disarmament: Ukraine is one of the world's largest granaries. For the third year now, the world has witnessed Russian military aggression and occupation, constant bombing of civilian infrastructure, blockade and attacks on civilian seaports and other transport routes, as well as attacks on commercial grain transport ships. Not to mention the shameless theft of Ukrainian grain carried out by the Russian aggressors in the occupied territories. Ukraine has been facing the devastating consequences of food weaponization since the beginning of the invasion in 2014, but the world failed to realize this until the full invasion began in 2022. But that is already past. The world has opened its eyes. At the Summit, this situation is ascertained and assessed as unacceptable. Instead of weaponizing food, the world is taking action to disarm it.
6. Return of abducted children and captives: Almost 20.000 Ukrainian children have been abducted and deported to Russia and the occupied territories. Only 388 children have been returned so far, but even that is enough to see the horror of this genocidal operation carried out by the Kremlin. The testimonies of the returned children went around the world, and the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin and his like-minded child ombudsman Maria Alekseevna Lvova-Belova. On December 8, 2023, the Inaugural meeting of the international coalition of states in action for the return of Ukrainian children deported by the Russian aggressor was held. CIVIL was among the first in the world to report news of this event. The same applies to prisoners of war, as well as to all civilians who are illegally detained and deported. All must be returned to Ukraine.
In the end, it is important to understand that, contrary to attempts to discredit and reduce the significance of this international political and diplomatic event, and quasi-analyses that some key actors on the global stage did not participate, the facts say the opposite. Representatives from 100 countries in the world participated. A joint communiqué was adopted which coincides with the main points of the Peace Formula of Ukrainian President Zelensky. The messages from the Summit are clear and unequivocal.
And most important of all - all aspects of the war and all arguments for a just peace for Ukraine mean peace for the world. Without a just peace for Ukraine, the international legal order will be destroyed, and thus the stability and peace of all countries in the world, nuclear threats will increase many times, and the world economy will experience severe shocks from which the poor and developing countries will suffer the most . Large and powerful states that rebel or abuse international institutions, as Russia does, will behave like robbers, destroy or plunder the national wealth of smaller countries, and sow terror around the world. The answer to all that is Zelensky's Formula for Peace and the decisive action of the world.
It remains for the leaders who were at the Peace Summit to keep their promises, and for those who were not, to explain to their public and to history - why they didn't do it.


(The author is a human rights activist)


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