Why you should not always follow the fashion trends

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Do you think fashion is a waste of time or do you want to follow the latest trends? 

There are many good reasons not to follow fashion trends. So if you can not agree with wearing what is, call it fashionable, do not worry. It does not matter if you wear what is in trend or not, it is much more important to wear what you like and what suits you. Here are some great reasons not to follow fashion trends…

It may seem ridiculous

One of the main reasons why you should not follow fashion trends is that fashion can be extremely funny. It is often said that the trends shown at fashion shows should not be worn in real life and that these models are transformed in prestigious stores into those that are more wearable. Why wear something that makes you funny?


Individuality is important

You can not say that you are not upset when you see a lot of people wearing the same thing you just bought. This is a common problem when you can only buy things that are considered fashionable in stores. Careful choice of fashion means that you will always be dressed in your own style.


By refusing to follow fashion, you show that you are different. Your style is not dictated by fashion magazines, designers or boutiques. Isn't it much more interesting to wear what you like than to be influenced by people who just want to make money for you?


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Completely uncomfortable feeling

Fashion can be quite uncomfortable. Just look at your old photos and you will see how fashionable you looked at the time! The problem with fashion is that its time passes quickly. Wear clothes that look good on you, whether it is fashionable or not!


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Dictation from magazines and social media

Magazines are fun to read, but they can have a big impact on the idea of ​​what you should wear.

In a similar way, social media is flooded with influencers and public figures who are trendy dressed in their current posts.

Of course, these media are influenced by designers, who require constant monitoring of them, and in turn allow magazines to present their collections, or influencers to appear in them.

So enjoy reading and reviewing, but be aware of how readers and followers are manipulated.


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What irritates fashion the most is that it changes very quickly. So today you can buy something that will be obsolete tomorrow. At one point the torn pants are fashionable, and then outdated… then they are back in fashion.


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Not your style

Fashion is a good thing, but if that fashion is not what "you" are, just put it aside!

Some trends depend a lot on your size, build and personality.

If something in trend does not suit you, choose what is right for you and what suits you. Who cares if something is "modern" or not?


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Wait long enough

… And what you want will come into vogue!

For example, if you especially like jeans, do not worry if your boyfriend's jacket is not in fashion this season. Sooner or later (and probably sooner, in the rapidly changing fashion world), the denim jacket will be the latest fashion.

Fashion is fun, but not if you are a slave to it. In the end, you will end up spending a lot of money to replace the already great clothes, even though you will wear clothes that do not suit you. Or you will be depressed because the latest fashion trend does not suit you at all.

Do not worry about it - wear what is good for you.


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