Why did Iran choose drones as a tool to attack Israel?

Photo: Farsnews.ir / Wikimedia

Iran's decision to use drones the so-called drones to target Israel on April 13, raises the curtain on a new era of drone warfare writes the reputable magazine "Jerusalem Post". As stated by the media erons have been used for years by many countries. For example, Israel was one of the first countries in the world to pioneer the use of drones in warfare back in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The US used the Predator drone, first for surveillance in the 1990s and then for targeted strikes in the early 2000s. China has become a drone superpower, primarily in the commercial field by selling drones to Jiay. Now is the age of Iranian drones. It is the era of Iran's drone wars а Israel apparently is now the attack target.

Iran's drone war has come to Israel as surreal war. Reports over the past week and a half have suggested that Iran would like to attack Israel to "punish" Israel for an airstrike that Iran has blamed on Israel. The airstrike in question took place in Damascus on April 1 when senior Iranian military commanders were killed.

Iran immediately blamed Israel. Since then there have been more and more reports that Iran wants to attack Israel. This country has sent its foreign minister around the region, including to Damascus to get support for such a scenario. Iran's top diplomat also called most of the Gulf countries and also discussed with his Iraqi counterpart a possible attack on Israel, a plan that has been pursued by Tehran behind the scenes of the world public.

But reports in the past few days have indicated that Iran may resort to using drones as well as ballistic missiles. The country used those missiles to attack US forces in Iraq in 2020 in response to the killing of IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani. Iran also used drones and cruise missiles to attack Saudi Arabia back in 2019. All this says that this country, which obviously wants to become a regional hegemon, has been investing in this technology for years, which has more than clearly become powerful.

Drones are relatively accurate and can be launched from a variety of platforms

Drones are also relatively accurate, the media reports. These aircraft can also be launched from different platforms. For example, drones can be launched from ships or trucks, they can also be launched from containers, of the type used in maritime transport, or they can be towed and launched from a type of catapult. This gives Iran many options for using the drones that the country has developed over the years.

Iran's attempt to use drones to attack Israel is not new. In the past, the army used drones and practiced activities with them, and a large part of these aircraft were also exported to Russia. Russia has been known to use Iran's Shahed 136 drones to terrorize Ukraine for the last two years of the war. Moscow also prefers to use drones because they are cheap and expendable and inflict easy terror on civilian areas.

On the other hand, Ukraine has had success shooting down Iranian drones used by Russia. This is a positive thing when it comes to analyzing the overall threat that drones can pose. However, Iranian drones hit Saudi Arabia's Abqaiq facility in 2019, damaging Saudi Arabia's energy exports.

Russia's experience with Iranian drones has definitely provided feedback to the Iranians in terms of improving the drones, perhaps improving their accuracy, maneuverability and range. The use of drones is also a selling point for Iran. Iran wants to make its Shahed 136 and other types of drones a bestseller and equip itself for drone warfare like what the Soviets did with the Kalashnikov or AK-47 rifle. Essentially, Iranian drones are their version of the AK-47, as this has become a uniquely Iranian type of weapon when used as a kamikaze weapon.

We now live in the era of Iran's drone war. It is an era that has been coming like a slow train for many years. Iran has ramped up its drone power while many countries have been watching perceived this how real a big threat. That's because Iran's nuclear program, its militias and its missiles were seen as a greater threat. However, Iran's decision to export drones as technology across the region and increasingly use drones, has made this weapon of particular concern.

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