Why do hospitals around the world burn coyote?

Covid hospitals fires / Photo: EPA-EFE
The terrible fire that last night engulfed the modular covid hospital in Tetovo and which took 14 lives is just another in a series of tragic incidents that occurred during the corona pandemic in many parts of the world and took the lives of patients.

Hospitals are the last hope for critically ill patients with coyote who need intensive medical treatment, and such tragedies are mainly linked to malfunctions of devices or installations in the hospital itself.

In addition to fires in modular hospitals, fires have been reported in clinical centers where covid patients are housed.

In a fire at a hospital in St. Petersburg in May last year, five patients with covidium who were in intensive care died. The fire broke out due to a short circuit on a respirator and killed these five patients who were connected to appliances. 150 people were evacuated from the hospital, and the fire was quickly extinguished.

Respirators work to their limits. A preliminary investigation showed that one was overloaded and caught fire, which caused the fire, news agencies reported, adding that the short circuit caused the "respirator to literally explode" due to the oxygen concentration, after which the coyote on the sixth floor of the hospital was literally filled with smoke. who suffocated patients.

At least three killed in Dhaka hospital fire / Bangladesh-March 17, 2021 / Photo: EPA-EFE / MONIRUL ALAM

At the beginning of the pandemic last year, Russia was facing a shortage of respirators, as well as too old appliances, which were manufactured in the 90s. The investigation was aimed at determining whether there were elements of negligence in the hospital, or errors in the design and manufacture of respirators and possibly in the precautionary measures taken by the hospital.

Three months ago, in June this year, a fire broke out in a hospital in the Russian city of Ryazan, killing three people and the cause - a faulty fan. The victims were patients with covidium, and the ward respirator overheated and caught fire. An investigation into several fires in Russian covid hospitals has shown that the cause is faulty respirators used to treat critically ill covid patients.

Last month again in Russia, this time in a hospital in Vladikavkaz in the south of the country due to an accident of oxygen pipes, 9 people died. 

Remains of a burning hospital in Bucharest / Photo: EPA-EFE / ROBERT GHEMENT

Similar tragedies occurred in a hospital in Bucharest at the end of January this year when 4 people died, but also in India where due to the overload of the hospital facilities and the lack of oxygen and the way of its supply, the lives of both the patients and the medical staff are endangered.

Covid hospital fire in Mumbai / India / Photo: EPA-EFE / DIVYAKANT SOLANKI

A fire was also reported in covid hospital in brazil, at the end of May when 4 people died. One of the largest fires with the most casualties occurred on April 24 this year in Iraq A car bomb had exploded at an Iraqi police recruiting center at Kisak, west of Baghdad, killing at least 82 people and wounding 110 others.

More than 80 killed in Baghdad fire at Coyote Hospital / Photo: EPA-EFE / HAIDER AL-ASSADEE

The fire in the Tetovo hospital

As of last night, there are five public prosecutors on the ground in Tetovo at the burned modular hospital who are investigating the causes of the fire, which should be announced when the investigation is completed.

Inspection after the fire in the Tetovo modular hospital / EPA-EFE / Georgi Licovski

Ministry of Health announced today that all 19 modular covid hospitals in the country are typical facilities, built to the highest medical and safety standards. The modular covidium centers, including the hospital in Tetovo, are reportedly open after technical acceptance.

The Ministry appeals not to speculate with such information and expects the experts and investigative bodies to investigate the case of this terrible accident as soon as possible.

 All aspects of the case to be subject to a thorough and prompt investigation and of course responsibility if the investigation shows so. The modular covide centers themselves were and still are crucial in dealing with the pandemic and hospitalization of patients. They are built to the highest standards, and the procurement made by the Ministry of Health is in accordance with the standards for such hospitals that are used in many countries around the world, said the Ministry of Health.

Due to the lack of medical staff in overcrowded hospital facilities, the modular hospital allowed the presence of a family member to help patients with covidium, which is out of all protocols for hospital treatment of patients, but on the other hand, with their help were pulled alive several patients when the fire broke out, last night at 21.02:XNUMX p.m.

The material for the construction of the modular hospital is mainly plastic, and last night the firefighters from Tetovo who intervened to extinguish the fire, said that it was the reason for the rapid fire and the occupation of the entire building, which at the critical moment had 26 people. 14 were killed and 12 were rescued alive.

Tetovo, September 9, 2021 / Photo: Free Press. - Dragan Mitreski

During the construction of all modular hospitals, the implanted materials are certified. The Covid Center in Tetovo is designed with three entrances, the corridors are 2,4 meters wide and the window railings are low in case of evacuation. No wood was used in the building and all other necessary elements for protection were preserved. Upon commissioning, an orderly technical acceptance has been made. During the construction there are neatly documented minutes for insignificant technical remarks - siliconizing floor moldings, leveling the siphon in the toilet, extension of part of the gutters, etc. These requirements have been acted upon and they have been remedied before the use and hospitalization of patients. These documents will be submitted to the public and the media today, informed the Ministry of Health.

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