Why are doctors behind GE 132+ Natural? Bacteria are defeated by antibiotics, and viruses by antioxidants! 

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Why the doctors are behind it GE 132+ Natural?: Bacteria are defeated by antibiotics, and viruses by antioxidants!

PN: The special meaning of GE 132+ Natural is in well-thought-out preventive use, in optimizing the functions of the organism so that when attacked by a virus it can overcome it easier and faster.

During the covid-19 pandemic, but also in the autumn season where other viral infections are present, it is very important to maintain redox balance, ie we should increase the intake of antioxidants from the diet or in the form of dietary supplements. If we look at the market in our country, we will discover a large selection of different preparations, dietary supplements, packed in attractive packaging with imaginative names and promising messages. Then the question always arises "what ingredients do they contain?", "Which product is best for me?" Or "to whom can I give confidence and money, especially when it comes to my health?".

Ge 132+ Natural contains components that in recent years, and recently in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, have been the target of a number of expert and medical research. The conclusion is as follows: the components of this preparation have strong antioxidant activity. In fact, studies have shown that GE 132+ Natural strongly reduces the production of free radicals compared to the well-known antioxidant N-acetyl cysteine. The maximum effect of free radical scavenging is achieved even at very low concentrations and this effect is closest to the effect of the well-known antioxidant Trolox C.

It is a complex preparation, which contains:

- Reishi mushroom extract with high concentration of hetero-bD-glucans important for stimulation and modulation of the immune system,

- royal jelly, which has antibacterial and antiviral activity,

- resveratrol (polyphenol from the group stylenes and protects the heart, blood vessels, lowers cholesterol, inhibits platelet aggregation and has strong antioxidant and immunomodulatory activity),

- lycopene (carotenoid, oxygen-binding antioxidant),

- sulforaphane (isothiocyanate, included in clinical trials in patients with covidium-19).

Furthermore, studies have confirmed that:

- GE 132+ Natural has a high anti-inflammatory potential and can be said to be therapeutically useful in the treatment of diseases that have an inflammatory nature.

- Јand improves general health, has strong antioxidant activity, contributes to strengthening the immune system, has antiviral and antibacterial activity, has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels.

- It is useful for better functioning of the immune system and for that purpose it is usually recommended for preventive purposes one capsule per day, but it is especially important for people who have suffered from a viral infection or had surgery, because it is good energy and regenerates the body during of convalescence.

- Regenerates the convalescent organism, so more recently it is recommended as a post-coid therapy.

GE 132 + Natural is considered one of the greatest discoveries in the nutritional approach to overcoming the conditions caused by various viral diseases, as well as for the prevention and treatment of viral infections., including coronavirus.

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