The MOC-OA flag is flying again in the monastery courtyard of Popova Shapka, for its desecration by the silence of the political parties of the Albanians

In the yard of the monastery complex Sveti Naum Ohridski on Popova Shapka, the surveillance cameras clearly show how a person takes down the flag of the Macedonian Orthodox Church-OA from the flagpole placed on the church property, and then places the flag of Albania. He is accompanied by another person, and both of them wear clothes with props of the Ballisti fan group from Tetovo.

Part of the Albanian media confirmed that the flag was being removed by members of the Ballisti fan group, for which they also published a video.

The Albanian flag has already been removed, and the MOC-OA flag has been flying on the flagpole since this morning.

The Ministry of the Interior announced today that after the incident was reported to the police yesterday evening by a member of the church board, at around 23.30:33 p.m., following operational measures, they identified and detained the XNUMX-year-old J.A. from Mala Recica, Tetovo, suspected of removing the church flag.

After documenting the case against J.A., who was with another wanted person during the removal of the church flag, an appropriate submission will follow, according to the statement of the Ministry of the Interior.

After the incident in the church yard, on the day of the flag of Albania, the president of the Commission for relations between religious communities and religious groups immediately announced Darijan Sotirovski. He accused that the act itself is aimed at causing hatred and discord and demanded that the perpetrators be severely punished.

"The harshest condemnation of the vandal attack in the monastery of St. Naum of Popova Shapka and the lowering of the flag of the Macedonian Orthodox Church - Ohrid Archdiocese. I appeal to SVR Tetovo and the Public Prosecutor's Office to immediately take comprehensive measures to reveal the perpetrators. The elements of the crime from art. 319 of the Criminal Code, Causing hatred, discord or intolerance on national, racial, religious or other grounds, as well as the crime from art. 145 of the Criminal Code, Inviolability of the home, must entail responsibility. The perpetrators must be severely punished. Such behavior is unacceptable and undermines all efforts to build healthy social relations in our fragile plural society, Sotirovski said via social networks.

The leader of Dostoinstvo and the president of CMC also announced about the incident Stojanche Angelov who wrote that only the quick reaction of the institutions and public pressure can reduce the provocations that fuel inter-ethnic intolerance. He called on the political parties to condemn such provocations.

"Provocations should not be silenced, but they should be reacted to fiercely. Only in this way will future potential provocateurs be discouraged. Society's reaction to such provocations should be united and unique regardless of ethnic, religious, political or any other affiliation. I believe that the majority of Albanians condemn this barbaric act of desecration of the church flag. "The only thing is that I have not seen a representative of the Albanian political factors in Macedonia come out with a public condemnation of this act, and it should be. That is why I call on the leader of DUI Ali Ahmeti to publicly condemn this provocative act of vandalism," Stojanche Angelov wrote.

Condemnation also came from the MP from VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Veljanovski from VMRO-DPMNE.

"Once again we are witnessing provocations coming from centers that intend to provoke inter-ethnic tensions," Veljanovski wrote on his Facebook profile.

The political parties of the Albanians reacted to a cross placed on church property, they are now silent on the desecration of a church flag

From the political parties of the Albanians who ten days ago strongly reacted to the cross placed on church property in the monastery complex of St. Naum Ohridski Miracle of Popova Shapka, now there are no reactions to the vandalism of church property that happened yesterday and was registered by several cameras.

The cross of Popova Shapka boils the parties, SDSM asks Kasami to refrain from provocations, VMRO-DPMNE is shocked by the developments

Otherwise, the Church Board at the "Sveti Naum Ohridski" monastery of Popova Shapka, after a series of reactions to the 15-meter cross placed on the property of the monastery, stated that it is most natural to have a cross in a place like this.

In this case with the cross of Popova Shapka, it was placed at the request of the believers and according to the Building Law it is not an object but an urban equipment, which does not need a building permit but a decision to place it, whose legal framework neither religious buildings nor state institutions respect , the board added.

Otherwise, DUI was the first to react to the cross, whose councilors of the Tetovo Municipality Council requested an extraordinary session, which was held on the same day, during which a heated argument arose between the councilors of DUI and BESA. The advisory group of VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM left the session and requested another extraordinary session at which, as they indicated, the legality of all built religious buildings in Tetovo would be discussed.

Mayor Kasami again requested the removal of the cross, but the next day he dropped the ball a little.

"Those who do not want to see the investments of Tetovo Municipality, they see a reason to criticize the Municipality for matters that are not within its jurisdiction. In the urban plan, there are religious buildings, the church and the mosque. I hope that the work will be completed on the legalization of the related buildings. I'm talking about the church and the related buildings as well as the mosque and the related buildings around the Muslim religious building," Kasami said last week.

Today, Kasami has not yet reacted to the desecration of church property.

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