"I know that my brother Dadi is playing bridge upstairs now": Kole Angelovski made everyone cry in Dramski at the memorial service for Dimce Meshkovski

Commemoration for Dimce Meshkovski/Photo: Private archive

Tears and laughter mingled at the commemoration for Dimce Meshkovski in the Drama Theater, where he lovingly played many plays until his retirement.

Photo: Private archive

The famous actor died in Los Angeles on March 21, where in recent years he lived with his wife Maritza, to be near his daughter Jasna and granddaughter Leona. On the video beam were photos and videos of his most famous roles: Sekula from "Thessaloniki Patrdia", Tase from the cult film "Weekend of the Dead", Matsa Meshkovska from "Women's Orchestra", Fevian from "Flea in the Ear".

Meshko faked smiles throughout his life, and he did so even after his departure. Seeing him as Tase with Bata Živojinović, Seka Sablic, Tashko Načić, Igor Dzambazov with one of the most famous scenes from "Weekend of the Dead", as he utters the iconic sentence: "I know, the director told me", many in Dramski smiled, erasing the tears.

Photo: Private archive

Trajanka Ilieva Veljic read the telegrams from colleagues from most theaters in Macedonia, as well as from President Stevo Pendarovski, and the rich biography of the one and only Meshko.

"Meshko and my brother Dadi admitted me to the Drama Theater, I was admitted because of some fraternal relationship," said director Kole Angelovski, a friend of Meshko's for 40 years.

"We worked together in plays, cabarets, TV series, films, I don't know how we managed." And so for 40 years. I was in Meshko more than with my family. Meshko was a songwriter, once in Poland he sang a Russian song by mistake, and then when we realized how much Poles don't like Russians, it never happened again. In "Bash chelik" he came out to play goal to his belt. He pretended that on his ex he was drinking a 5-liter bottle of wine, which was specially blown for us in a glasshouse, and they filled it with Coca-Cola. I will remember him with a smile and a smile. I hope that now up there with my brother Dadi and Micho the Aegean the game of bridge", said Kole Angelovski.

Photo: Private archive

Actor Dragan Spasov-Dac called Meško a second father.

"We heard from each other nine days before you left." We could talk for hours, I would tell you what you couldn't find on the internet, and you would be informed about everything. He was in love with his Maritsa as on the first day, he told her: "If Maritsa leaves me, I will die." He had all the diseases in this world, and he was healthier than all of them. I once asked you: 'Meshko, what are you not sick with?' He looked at me. We drank beer, he drank it with the end of his lips", said the actor Dats about his Bear.

Photo: Private archive

Those present broke down in tears when Dramski's director, Maja Veljkovic Panovska, read a letter from his daughters, Jasna and Natasha Meshkovski.

"We grew up in the theater with you." Jasna did her make-up in the make-up rooms, and played prompter, and Natasha played with the light master. It was a privilege to grow up with a father like you. He brought us up with a cosmopolitan spirit, to love our country and our people, and all the people of the world," is part of the letter from Meshko's daughters.

The famous Macedonian swimmer Natasa Meškovska was present at the commemoration, and her daughter Jasna and his wife Maritsa stayed in Los Angeles, where Meško quietly left, in his sleep, as the daughters said.

Photo: Private archive

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