Winter countdown begins between October 30 and 31

Winter time counting / Photo: MIA

Northern Macedonia and the rest of Europe, with the exception of Russia, Belarus and Iceland, will switch to winter time between Saturday (October 30) and Sunday (October 31). At three o'clock in the morning, the clocks go back one hour, that is, the time at three o'clock will be counted as two o'clock.

The specificity of the country is that the change of weather will happen on the eve of the second round of local elections.

Winter countdown begins every last weekend in October and lasts until the last weekend in March of the following year, when daylight saving time resumes.

The European Parliament on March 4, 2019 voted to abolish the seasonal shift of time from 2021. But the EU Council has not yet made a final decision, so it is not entirely certain that this will be the last shift in the EU.

The seasonal change of weather, except in Europe, is applied in most countries of North and Central America, as well as in many other countries in the world.

The weather does not change in Japan, China, South Korea, or in the countries of the African continent.

Source: MIA

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