Zijadin Sela: We win in Gostivar and Debar, in the second round we go to four municipalities

Zijadin Sela / Photo: Free Press, Destan Jonuzi

The leader of the Alliance for Albanians, Zijadin Sela, said in his first appearance since the polls closed that his party had won two urban municipalities, Gostivar and Debar. While in the municipalities of Cair, Bogovinje, Tearce and Vrapciste, they go to the second group, reports Sloboden Pecat.

- We won Gostivar and Debar, we won in the first round, while in 5 other municipalities we go to the second round, there will be a second round. I believe that together with the citizens we will be able to increase the number of municipalities led by the Albanian opposition, said Sela, adding that in Struga, Bogovinje, Tearce and Cair go to the second round.

- As for the Municipality of Tetova, we will have to wait whether we will go to the second round or not. We have to wait for the results, said Sela.

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