LIFE AND WORK IN NEW YORK: A mature, unique and strong person

The artist Marija Pavlovska recently promoted her monographic work "The First Principle - Drawing", which is backed by ten years of research work in New York.

The monographic work "The First Principle - Drawing" by Marija Pavlovska arose from ten years of work on the doctoral thesis "Historical-artistic review of the topic drawing through styles, through epochs, as a basis of a work of art" under the mentorship of prof. Dr. Kokan Grchev. The preparation of the book took almost a year, and it was published in Macedonian by "Magor" at the end of February this year, with the support of the Ministry of Culture.

The promotion of the work took place at the Osten Gallery, and the author arrived from New York, where she has lived and worked for the last 10 years. Pavlovska started her artistic career at an early age. She has made study visits to Paris, Slovenia, Vienna and Nuremberg. After her first solo exhibition in New York in 2007, she lives between Skopje and New York. She is active on the New York and international art scene. Her work has been the subject of numerous reviews, reviews and critiques in prestigious magazines, newspaper articles, as well as in museum and gallery catalogs by eminent art historians and theorists.

Marija Pavlovska at the promotion of the work "The First Principle - Drawing"

Noting the drawing as a main feature in Pavlovska's work, "Drawing Room Galleries" from New York, after three exhibitions, in 2015 published the monograph "Ten years of drawing" by Marija Pavlovska entitled "Reaction / Drawing Cycles 2005-2015" Victory Hall Press NY), with which Pavlovska entered the editions of this gallery.

Marija Pavlovska's work was selected with the participation of numerous group exhibitions. Organized by the Carol Foyerman Foundation, she was invited to exhibit with Yoko Ono, Cindy Sherman, Luis Bourgeois and others at the MANA Contemporaries Museum in New York in 2018.

Due to her international activity and authentic expression, with the project "A-Reaction", made during the artistic residence in the studio in MANA, Pavlovska was invited to present at the Venice Biennale in 2019.

Art critics describe her work with particular reference to drawing, which they define as "a strong drawing of a strong person translating his or her themes into a pictorial language that demonstrates quietly-powerful eloquence." Austrian critic Norbert Riddle emphasized that "her works express expressiveness with a combination of realism and interpretation of a mature, unique and strong person."

Marija Pavlovska's studio in New York

Commenting on the work created during her artistic residency in the mana studio of MANA Contemporaries, a leading New York-based Center for Contemporary Art, Erin Kim wrote: and empty, black and white. "

Jim Pastorino has his own view of Pavlovska's work, noting: “Maria's work carries the same intense, honest, dedicated focus that is so evident in her personality. She developed the ability to communicate deeply through the purely linear, gestural movement that composes her images. The accentuated energy of her artwork seems spontaneous, but it is actually the result of thoughtful study, creating actions and responses that occur within the work over a period of time. "A canvas or a series of drawings can take months to be fully realized and carry that concentration of thought and action."

Her work has been included in more than 20 exhibitions with thematic, stylistic and current sections that present Macedonian art in domestic and foreign museum institutions, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art - Skopje, Museum of the City of Skopje, National Gallery of RS Macedonia, " 107 Macedonian artists "at the" City of Arts "in Paris, organized by DLUM, thematic exhibitions at the" Gallery MC "in New York and others. During this period, Pavlovska and her husband are in Skopje waiting for the coronavirus situation to calm down so that she can return to her work in New York.

(The text was published in "Cultural Press" number 23, in the print edition of "Free Press" on March 21-22, 2020)

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