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Residents of Novo Maalo support the construction of the Holiday Inn

After the many reactions in the public for the project that is planned to be built on the plot opposite the "Holiday Inn", the residents of Novo Maalo also spoke, reminding that they have been living in inhumane conditions for decades and therefore give full support to the project, hoping that with its realization will solve their problems.

- For decades, many families live in conditions that do not meet the standards of humane housing, dilapidated houses, unresolved heating, cobblestones and mud to the knees, a place to dump the waste of all who will return to the city center. We regret that a large part of the public does not understand this because it is easy to talk about comfortable apartments. We point out that this project will solve the problem of many families who, in truth, still live in substandard conditions as if it were the 19th century or were forced to leave their homes - says Igor Stojanov, on behalf of the residents of Novo Maalo. 

He explains that with the compensation they receive and the realization of this project, which was stuck in the institutional labyrinths for many years, the new residents will finally have the opportunity to get housing worthy of the 21st century. 

- Once the project is realized, this part of Skopje will have much more greenery than at this location in the last 50 years. Skopje is the capital and representative of our country which must develop following the example of world capitals - says Stojanov.

According to him, when the public sees the whole project to the fullest extent and approves it, as approved by the people of Novo Maalo, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Skopje, which unfortunately, although in the heart of the city, is an ugly image of one metropolis. 

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