Residents of Kichevo do not allow the municipality to throw garbage near their fields, set up a tent on the road

Photo: TV Alsat-M

For two weeks now, residents of some Kichevo villages have been protesting on the road to Oslomej, not allowing the municipal utility company to dispose of waste near their fields, reports Alsat-M.

They even set up a tent on the road, where they are on duty 24 hours a day to prevent municipal utility trucks from continuing to dump waste in the fields.

"We have been here for almost two weeks and we are against garbage, not to be thrown here because they are doing us great harm. "Firstly, they pollute the air of all the villages, secondly, the water in the wells we drink will be polluted, there is nowhere to go, there is no life here," locals told the television.

"We are here to protect clean air, fertile soil and clean water. "The human factor pollutes the air, there is no more 75% nitrogen or 20% oxygen, but only human waste is thrown here, only poisonous gases are released here," they added.

The president of the protest council, Fatmir Limani, accuses the municipality of Kicevo of making fictitious contracts and abusing the seals of the local communities from these villages to show that there is an agreement with the residents to throw the waste here.

"It is said that the local communities and the municipal authorities have agreed, but what kind of agreement is this when the plots within the mines are not owned by the local community, the Ministry or the municipality. This is invalid, and secondly, the new Law on Local Government deprives the local communities of their competencies, and they even commit crimes using the seals of the local communities, which with the adoption of the new law had time to return them and not to abuse them. So, there is also organized crime. "Even if they have created local communities, which we are to see, they are all chairmen and vice-presidents of branches and branches of political entities," said Limani, who is the chairman of the protest council.

The Mayor of Kicevo, Fatmir Dehari, denied allegations that waste was dumped in the fields around Oslomej without a contract, and called the residents' protest political.

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