As they confirmed for ATV, she was admitted to UKC on September 12 of this year after the family called for emergency help, because the unfortunate woman was practically dying. Doctors found her malnourished, unconscious, with wounds all over her body.

"The doctors said they had never seen anything like this in their lives... Unwashed for years, the woman had floor-length hair that looked more like growths than hair. It was completely neglected, which is why everything has been reported to the Laktashi Police Station. The police acted on the report, and the doctors found that there were more injuries on the body from lying down, that is, decubitus injuries. We are talking about decubitus injuries to the bones. They could not confirm other injuries," says a source close to the investigation.

The same source adds that the police informed the duty prosecutor of the District Public Prosecutor's Office in Banja Luka about everything. The police was ordered to submit a report on the measures and actions taken, that is, to take statements from the family members and submit them together with medical reports to the prosecutor's office to determine if there are elements of a criminal offense in the whole case.

"One of the brothers told the police that his sister had not left the house since 2006. That is 17 years... He also stated that during that time the family did not turn to anyone for help. "Neither to the doctors, nor to the competent Center for Social Work, nor to any institution," reveals the ATV source.

He added that she had no personal documents at all. She reportedly only completed primary school and lived in a household with her mother and two brothers. For now, it is not known whether proceedings will be initiated against them due to negligence, failure to provide assistance and suspicion that they deliberately hid her from the public and practically kept her captive.