VIDEO | "Sultana Woman" echoes in Skopje kindergarten: Come play, let me see you all, the children hear this

Kindergarten children play the song "Sultana Woman", Photo: Printscreen / YouTube

An outraged parent, who wished to remain anonymous, sent a video to the Free Press editorial office showing a kindergarten teacher playing turbo folk songs to 5-year-olds, recording them and calling them to dance and sing.

The song in the background is "Sultana Woman". The children are playing, and the educator shouts at them, "Come on, sing, otherwise I will turn it off for you." Then she asks them how they know the song and do they play such songs at home?

- The teacher sent us the video in order to "boast" that they worked that day, because she informs us about the daily activities. When I saw the video I would faint. It is not clear to me after which program the song "Woman from the Sultana" is played. Aren't there enough beautiful children's songs that children can play? If she wanted to sew so much, she could play some disco songs, and not turbo folk and kitsch - says the parent who complained to our newsroom.

Otherwise, it is a kindergarten in the Skopje settlement Karposh.

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