A woman won the lottery after her dog bit the winning ticket

Photo: Profimedia

The owner of a golden retriever from China, known only as Lin, recently won the lottery after her pet bit the winning ticket, reports People.

Lynn was shopping when her pet escaped from her leash and ran into a shop selling a lottery ticket. The dog bit one of the vines, which forced Lynn to buy the ticket.

When she came home, she was met with a surprise – the retriever bit a winning lottery ticket, which brought her a prize of 139 dollars.

Photo: Shotshop GmbH / Alamy / Alamy / Profimedia


"This was a real surprise for me. "I have never won so much money in a lottery." said Lin in an interview with "AiZhaUan".

The next day, the owner took the dog to the store again to choose a new lottery ticket. Her pet picked a winning ticket again, but this time the prize was smaller – four dollars.

Lynn said she will spend the winnings on food and gifts for her pet.

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