Zhan Mitrev on interrogation at the Prosecutor's Office for "Dirty Blood"

Doctor Zhan Mitrev has been summoned for questioning at the Skopje prosecutor's office today, following the case that was opened after the IRL story, for treating covid patients with hemofiltration.

- It is true that the person was summoned for questioning at the prosecutor's office for certain circumstances regarding the case that was opened at the prosecutor's office after a tip-off. The interrogation is led by the prosecutor who is handling the case, according to the Prosecutor's Office for "Focus".

This decision of the Prosecutor's Office follows the publication of the documentary film "Dirty Blood" by IRL.

In its documentary, the journalistic organization IRL informed that their research followed the way the hospital functioned during the pandemic, and the specific documentary was made based on moving testimonies of citizens from Macedonia and Kosovo and 24 reports about the work of the clinic that were verified for more than 22 months. .

IRL's "Dirty Blood" documentary with shocking claims about the Jean Mitrev clinic

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