'I'm sorry my dad passed away': Bizarre tweet on Trump Jr's hacked Twitter account

Donald Trump Jr. / Photo EPA-EFE/SHAWN THEW

Donald Trump Jr.'s Twitter account was hacked and flooded with a series of unusual and confusing posts. The first of a series of hacked posts on Platform X, formerly known as Twitter, read: “I am sorry to announce that my father, Donald Trump, has passed away. I will run for president in 2024."

The long-time spokesman for the eldest son of former US President Donald Trump, Andrew Sourabian, emphasized that the posts were the result of hacking.

Less than half an hour after the posts began, Trump Jr. appeared to have regained control of his account by deleting the posts.

Several other posts included profanity, according to the Daily Mail.

Another post said "North Korea will soon be smoking" and a third took aim at X CEO Elon Musk, while some posts were peppered with profanity.

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