Increased presence of the Kosovo Police, EULEX and KFOR in northern Kosovo

KFOR / Photo: Archive

A large number of vehicles of the Kosovo Police, the European Union Rule of Law Mission, EULEX, and the NATO peacekeeping mission in Kosovo, KFOR, move to the intersection of the village of Banjska, where a gunfight took place on Sunday, September 24 incident, in which one Kosovar policeman and at least three of the group of over 30 armed and masked attackers died, the KosovaPress agency reported from the scene.

According to the KP correspondent, some of the vehicles are returning to the Orthodox monastery there, while others continue to the border crossing with Serbia, Jarinje.

A greater number of police officers have been seen along the entire Zvečan - Leposavic - Jarinje highway in northern Kosovo since yesterday.

Also, a KFOR helicopter monitors the situation from the air in that area from time to time.

Sources of the KP inform that in the vicinity of the monastery, the police have identified another vehicle in which there is a suspicion that there are weapons.

The situation in that part of the country is currently calm, reports the Kosovo Agency.

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