Increased number of covid-infected, no new measures for now

Coronavirus covid-19 Macedonia Hospital September 8
Woman with a mask in front of the hospital September XNUMX / Photo: "Free Press" - Dragan Mitreski

According to the data announced yesterday by the Commission for Infectious Diseases, there was an increase in the number of positive cases of KOVID-19 in the country by 65 percent, but at the same time there is no increase in the number of hospitalizations, which determined that no additional measures are needed.

During yesterday, the Institute of Public Health announced that 1261 new cases of KOVID-148 were registered in 19 tests, of which 40 were reinfection. 45 patients have been healed and no deaths have been reported for the past 19 hours, but according to the Register of Deaths with Diagnosis KOVID-84 from "My term", an 27-year-old patient from Skopje was registered who died on June 2022, XNUMX in hospital.

The Commission recommends that citizens be conscientious and protect their own and public health and apply general protection measures, such as: protective mask, keeping distance and washing their hands more often.

For now, as stated by the CBD, only the obligation to wear masks remains in force
health facilities, care facilities, pharmacies and public transport.

An increasing number of coronavirus-positive individuals have been reported in the region and Europe. 1.197 new cases were registered in Croatia yesterday, and one person died. There is an increasing number of cases in Albania and Greece.

The director of the French research center CNRS, Samuel Allison, said that the increase in the number of new cases was due to the easing of measures, but also to the decline of human immunity.

"Europe is going through the seventh wave of KOVID-19, largely explained by new strains of viruses that have a strong capacity to evade the protection created by vaccination and previous infections," Alison said.

The Council of the European Union has given the green light to continue the use of digital certificates for Covid-19 until June 30, 2023. This regulation will ensure that travelers from the EU and third countries connected to the system can use the digital certificate to travel within the Union to the Member States where those certificates are required.

The total number of KOVID-diagnosed in our country since the beginning of the epidemic is 313.856 from 2.080.874 tests performed. The number of recovered patients is 303.783, 9323 have died, and there are 750 active cases.

The largest number of active cases is currently in Skopje - 452. Valandovo, Vinica, Kratovo, Demir Hisar, Demir Kapija, Makedonska Kamenica, Pehchevo and Dojran do not have active cases of KOVID-19.

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