Farmers in Athens went out on a mass protest

photo: MIA

The protest of the farmers in Athens, who left their tractors, more than 150, parked in front of the Greek Parliament, where they will stay during the night, ended peacefully and massively, the MIA correspondent from Athens reported.

Parallel to the protest in Athens, farmers from northern Greece symbolically and periodically blocked the border crossings Niki (Mejitlia) and Evzoni (Bogorodica) to North Macedonia this afternoon.

Today, the attention of the Greek public was directed to Athens, where the farmers held a several-hour protest in front of the Parliament, they received support from the unions, from various associations, but also from the students, and according to the police estimates, about 10.000 protesters participated.

Farmers gave speeches and presented their demands to the Government, i.e. reduction of production costs, first of all by reducing the price of electricity, but also exemption from tax for agricultural oil.

In a conversation with MIA's correspondent from Athens, the farmers explained that they demand from the Government even lower electricity prices, but also that agricultural oil be exempted from tax, and regarding the next activities they say that after today's protest they will further determine the next steps.

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