The countries of the former Yugoslavia have more Olympic medals than superpowers such as Great Britain, Germany, France…

Taekwondo athlete Georgievski with the Olympic silver in Tokyo / Photo: Macedonian Olympic Committee

Athletes from the former SFR Yugoslavia have won seven gold medals in the first five days of the Tokyo Games, while countries like Spain have not won a single gold.

Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy are powerful countries in all spheres of life but also politics, and moreover they have excellent systems and opportunities for the development of sports and therefore often in the media are also called major sports nations.

But so far in the Tokyo Olympics, all these great sports nations would look at the backs of athletes from the former SFR Yugoslavia.
Athletes from the former Yugoslavia have far greater success at the start of the Tokyo Games by the great sports nations. The performance of athletes from the former Yugoslavia is seven gold, three silver and four bronze medals, a Dejan Georgievski also has his share in these successes who is the Olympic taekwondo runner-up in the over 80 kg category.

Unlike them, The UK has five gold medals, seven silver and six bronze medals. A sports nation like Germany has only three gold medals as well as three silver and seven bronze, France also has three gold medalswhile Spain has not won a single gold medal so far at the Tokyo Games.

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