He took goods and did not pay for them, a Croatian trade chain received a fine of 30 thousand euros!

Photo: "Free Press", Dragan Mitreski

The Agency for the Protection of Market Competition has fined the trading company TP Varaždin for a serious violation of the Law on Prohibition of Unfair Trade in the Food Supply Chain. The fine is 30.000 euros.

The agency launched ex officio proceedings against TA, which included the Kitro retail chain, to determine whether the retailer had imposed unfair trade practices on agricultural and food suppliers by using significant bargaining power. Meanwhile, Kitro stores were taken over by the National Trading Chain (NTL). Kitro has about 100 retail outlets in four districts: Varaždin, Medjumurje, Koprivnica-Križevačka and Krapino-Zagorje.

The agency determined that from November 2021 to December 2022, TP Varaždin paid goods to suppliers within a period longer than 60 days for agricultural and food products that are not considered perishable, i.e. longer than 30 days for perishable food products, informs Danica.hr . Thus, he paid some invoices to the supplier of fresh dairy products more than two months after delivery, to the supplier of bread and bakery products more than five months, and to the supplier of frozen chicken, some invoices were paid three months late.

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