Zelensky says that Biden's non-appearance at the peace summit for Ukraine is "applause for Putin"

Zelensky and Biden / Photo EPA-EFE/MICHAEL REYNOLDS

American President Joe Biden should attend the planned peace summit in Switzerland for Ukraine next month in order for the meeting to be successful, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said today at a press conference in Brussels.

Biden's absence will benefit Russian President Vladimir Putin, who issued an order to invade Ukraine in 2022, Zelensky said, Hina reported.

Ukraine hopes to host as many countries as possible in an effort to unite international opinion on how to stop the war and put pressure on Russia, which has already seized nearly a fifth of Ukraine's territory.

Washington has backed the summit, but has not said whether Biden will attend.

- We know that the USA supports the summit, but we don't know at what level, Zelenski said at the joint press conference with Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Cro.

"Biden's absence would be applause for Putin," he said.

Two days ago, Zelensky asked Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping, Putin's close ally, to attend the summit.

Russia has stated several times that it does not see any sense in participating in this announced conference.

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