Zelensky warned: It's not about us, if we fall, Russia moves on

Photo: BBC / printscreen

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenski declared that the entire international order is threatened by Russian aggression against his country, stressing that if Ukraine falls, Russia will move on.

"It's not just about us. If we fall, Russia moves on. There are countries with imperialist ambitions that can take the same aggressive steps. This is very dangerous, said Zelenski in an interview with the Japanese newspaper The Yomiuri Shimbun.

When asked what should be done to prevent such an invasion by a hegemonic military power, he replied: "Only the defeat of Russia in this war."

Since February 2022, when the Russian aggression began, Zelensky has been making efforts to gain the support of the international community. In an interview with Yomiuri, he emphasized that they need maximum help.

"Help us win." It means helping yourself to win," he was clear in his intention to appeal to international public opinion about the need to support Ukraine. He also expressed his intention to ask Japan for diplomatic support for the "Kyiv Security Agreement," a new security framework that Ukraine is plotting to prevent another invasion of Ukraine.

Fierce fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces continued in Bakhmut, eastern Ukraine, with increasing casualties among Ukrainians. Zelenski said that they have no ammunition.

"We have no ammunition. The situation in the east is not good for us," he underlined.

He appealed to speed up the delivery of ammunition from the United States and European countries.

Tanks provided by Germany and other countries are expected to be deployed in combat from April. He indicated his intention to deploy them to break through Russia's military defense line, saying "we need tanks to de-occupy Ukraine."

There is concern in the US and European countries that the supply of arms to Ukraine could lead to an escalation of the fighting. However, Zelensky disputed that claim, saying he would like people to stop being afraid of threats made by the Russian Federation.

Zelensky expressed doubts about China's 12-point proposal, which does not mention the complete withdrawal of Russian troops, nor the return of all territories occupied by Russia. Although China promotes itself as an active "mediator" to achieve peace, he is skeptical of China's stated intention.

Zelensky said that sovereignty and territorial integrity come first, making it clear that he does not consider the Chinese proposal a real peace plan.

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