Zelensky expects the peace conference to increase the pressure on Moscow

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky believes that the peace conference for Ukraine, which is being held in Switzerland, will increase the pressure on Moscow, but other participants in the forum are not so optimistic, DPA reported.

- At the two-day meeting, which is attended by 92 countries and eight international organizations, it was repeated that with joint efforts it is possible to end the war and achieve peace - Zelenski said today, shortly before the delegations began to discuss this topic.

However, Swiss President Viola Amherd does not have such high expectations, DPA notes.

- Our goals are modest - she said, explaining that the goal of the conference is to encourage the beginning of a process to achieve a lasting and just peace.

The importance of international law as the basis of international order is key to this, Amherd said.

- Russia's attack violates that in the most emphatic way - Amherd said.

Russia was not invited to participate in the conference, and neither is China, an important ally of Moscow.

The meeting also discussed obtaining the widest possible international support for the Ukrainian peace plan, which envisages the complete withdrawal of Russia from Ukrainian territory.


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