Zelensky: The Kremlin had insight into the plans of the Ukrainian counteroffensive

Kremlin/Photo Eurasia / robertharding / Profimedia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said today that "Russia managed to gain insight into the plans of the Ukrainian counter-offensive in 2023 even before it began, the failure of which dealt a heavy blow to Ukraine."

"Our plans for a counteroffensive were on the Kremlin's table before the counteroffensive began," Zelensky said at a press conference.

To a journalist's question, the Presidency of Ukraine confirmed that Zelensky was referring to leaking information.

He clarified that his military leaders have developed several battle plans for 2024 to compensate for "information leaks" in the future.

A major Ukrainian counteroffensive in the summer of 2023 was met by strong Russian defense lines that exhausted the resources of the Ukrainian military without allowing the liberation of Russian-occupied regions.

The Ukrainian president said at today's press conference that the victory of Ukraine will depend on the military aid of the West and added that he is sure that the American Congress will approve the long-awaited aid package.

"If we are strong, with weapons, we will not lose this war," said Zelensky, who announced for the first time today that 31.000 Ukrainian soldiers died in the war with Russia.

Zelensky: Since the beginning of the war, 31.000 Ukrainian soldiers have died

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