Zelenski: I am satisfied, we are fighting with the second strongest army in the world


The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenski declared that the war with Russia is in a new phase, and the winter is expected to complicate the fighting after the summer counter-offensive which did not give the desired results due to the constant lack of weapons and ground forces.

However, despite the setbacks, Zelensky said Ukraine will not surrender. "We have a new phase of the war and that's a fact," Zelensky said in an interview with The Associated Press in Kharkiv, northeastern Ukraine.

"Winter is generally a new phase of war," he said.

Asked if he was satisfied with the results of the counteroffensive, he did not give a definitive answer.

"Look, we are not backing down, I am satisfied. We are fighting the second (strongest) army in the world, I am satisfied," he said, referring to the Russian military.

But he added: “We're losing people, I'm not happy. We didn't get all the weapons we wanted, I can't be happy, but I can't complain too much."

Zelensky also expressed concern that the war between Israel and Hamas threatens to overshadow the conflict in Ukraine, as competing political agendas and limited resources put the flow of Western military aid to Kiev at risk.

The long-awaited counter-offensive, backed by tens of billions of dollars in Western military aid, including heavy weaponry, has not brought the expected results.

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