Zelenska before the British MPs: The youngest girl raped by the Russian occupiers was four years old, we need justice

Olena Zelenska
The First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska / Photo: EPA-EFE/SAUL LOEB / POOL

"Every day we hear sirens. They are identical to those heard by the British generations in the Second World War. You didn't give up and we won't. But victory is not the only thing we need. We need justice. I come to you for justice," said the Ukrainian first lady today Olena Zelenska from the floor of the British Parliament.

During her speech in Westminster, Zelenska called on the world community to unite and support the establishment of a special court where the Russians will be held accountable for the crimes committed during the invasion of Ukraine.

– I'm asking you for a small favor: to become a world leader in justice efforts, she said.

"The Russians, with massive missile and drone attacks, are trying to turn Ukraine's days and nights into terror," Zelenska said. She added that more than 20 million Ukrainians were left without electricity, water and heating due to Russian missile attacks and that Russia "uses systemic violence in many occupied cities and villages in Ukraine."

She said thousands of crimes committed by Russian forces, including sexual violence, had been identified.

- The youngest girl who was raped by the Russian occupiers was four years old. The oldest survivor was 85 years old. These are the victims, said Olena Zelenska, demanding justice for them.

"Justice is needed not only for Ukraine, but also for the whole world, so as not to rule by force." We need justice for the world to survive," the wife of the Ukrainian president concluded her speech. At the end of her speech, she received a standing ovation from the MPs present.

The First Lady of Ukraine urged the British public during the holiday season not to forget the "tragedy" caused by the Russian invasion.

She said that Ukrainians "feel the strong support" as well as the political and financial and humanitarian aid they receive from the British.

Zelenska from London: Don't forget the tragedy of Ukraine during the holidays

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