Zecevic wants to run for leader: I was the "bulldozer" of SDSM all these years

Mile Zecevic as a guest on TV24 / December 1, 2021 / photo: TV24 / print screen

Former longtime organizational secretary of SDSM, Mile Zecevic, tonight on TV24 said that he is preparing a candidacy for leader of the party, but also that a key question at this moment is whether his candidacy will contribute to strengthening unity or "may further worsen and "the already bad conditions in which the party finds itself."

- If all relevant political figures in the party enter with the ambition to take the presidential throne, it could cause an avalanche of violent reactions within the membership. If we start with that, it will not be good for SDSM. It is very important before each political move, to carefully analyze what reactions it will cause and what consequences it will have. There is time until Friday, and I will wait until then. The most important thing now is to preserve the unity within SDSM in a way where all relevant factors will stand behind one solution. Said Zecevic

He leaves room until Friday to submit a candidacy, saying "he has time and is doing the final analysis".

- A key moment that will cut is to feel the impulse of membership in this moment. "That is the only thing that matters to me and it's important to me that Zaev stays in the Government as Prime Minister," Zecevic said.

Regarding the deadline for submitting candidacies, the SDSM member believes that there is little time to promote and explain the visions of the candidates.

- The period is short. It's a stain. In relation to the other candidates, I have an advantage over them. All structures have known me for a long time. I was the bulldozer of SDSM in all these years, says Zecevic.

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