The health of the knees: the accident with the operating theaters of Klinicki, instead of solving it, the Ministry blamed it on the Prosecutor's Office

clinical center free press/photo Slobodatan Djuric

The surgical rooms of the Clinical Center have been closed for more than a week, and the Ministry of Health, with an extremely ignorant attitude, instead of solving the problem, referred it to the Public Prosecutor's Office in the form of a complaint. In the meantime, there is no solution for the patients, and the doctors from the GOB 8 Septemvri and the City Hospital are overloaded with work from all the patients they receive from the Clinical Center.

Others who are not urgent are directed to wait even with serious diagnoses, such as cancer. Free Press has learned from its sources in the Public Prosecutor's Office Skopje that representatives of the Ministry of Health sent a complaint to the Public Prosecutor's Office to start checking why an unpleasant smell was spreading in the surgical rooms from the ventilation system.

Prosecutor started calling people to check if there is a crime in this case. Next up for questioning are the directors of surgical clinics. Only three of the 12 operating theaters operate with compressors and emergency cases are received there. All others are referred to the Hospital for Surgical Diseases St. Naum Ohridski.

From 21:21, the entire Clinical Center will not even have water due to the water supply network from 5:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX in the morning. Even the Kozle children's hospital will not have water. Cisterns will be placed in front of the Clinical Center and in front of the Kozle Hospital, but there is no answer as to how the health processes will take place in hospital conditions without water.


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