Zdravko Colic sold the villa for more than a million euros: No one knows where the singer will live now

Zdravko Colic / Photo: Printscreen/Instagram/Zdravko Colic

The regional music star Zdravko Colic sold the family house in Kosutnjak, Belgrade for more than one million euros. As they find out Serbian media he quickly found a buyer for the property, but where his new home is is currently unknown.

Colic keeps his privacy a secret and only the closest circle of people are informed that he has moved with his wife Alexandra and daughters Una and Lara. The singer first lived in Dedinje, where he sold the house, after which he bought a villa in the quiet part of the capital, near Banovo brdo.

He changes his living space because his fans often came to the door of his home and wanted to meet him and take pictures, and this went on for years.

His villa, which he sold quickly and easily, is surrounded by greenery, and in front of it there is a large yard with two gates that are under high security measures. Surely one of the most beautiful parts of the house is the yard, which also has a swimming pool. The family spends a lot of time surrounded by nature, and daughter Una often posted photos of the family home on social networks.

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