The health of children in kindergartens in Centar will be protected with nano-filters on the windows

Photo: Municipality of Centar

On everyone's windows 11 kindergartens protective nano-filters will be installed in the municipality of Centar this week. The Municipality says that the performance has already started and that so far filters have been placed on the main building of the kindergarten "Kocho Racin", on the windows of the building "Naum Naumovski Borce" from the same kindergarten, and in the coming days the same filters will be installed and on the remaining 9 objects of the municipal kindergartens.

The purpose of the filters is to act against PM particles and harmful external influences, which are especially pronounced in the winter period.

By installing the filters, children's exposure to PM 10, PM 5 and PM 2,5 particles is greatly reduced, at the same time preventing pollution of the ambient air and rooms in kindergartens. Nano - filters are made of environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials, they do not harm the health of children and employees and do not pollute the environment - they inform from the Center.

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