The collection of essays "God, so America" ​​by Rumena Buzharovska received its first Macedonian edition

Promotion of the book in the "Public Room"

The publishing center "Three" promoted the collection of essays "God, then America", the new book by Rumena Buzharovska. The promotion was held on April 15 in "Javna soba" in Skopje and took place through a conversation between Ivor Mickovski and the author Rumena Bužarovska.

The essays were originally published in the Serbian language in the online magazine Velike Priche, and now they are getting their first Macedonian edition. The essays in the book contain personal views and criticism of contemporary society.

– America is a synthesis. Boiling point. Starting from the earliest childhood in Arizona and in American schools, to life-changing encounters and acquaintances that did not grow into friendships. In this world that creates loneliness - it is difficult for a person to remember. Let alone write deep essays, which are not only a critical observation, but at the same time a personal, timeless diary. Prayers end with an amen, life with death, essays with a period (mostly). Rarely, just like in this case, they end up in a book that is dangerous for the reader's affiliation. It will challenge him to belong to himself, no matter what country he lives in - it is written on the cover of the book that makes you want to read it in one breath.

After the previous four collections of short stories, Rumena Bužarovska enriches domestic literature with a collection of essays. The success she achieved with her previous books of short stories is indisputable – translation into more than 15 world languages, ten domestic editions of "My Husband", theatrical performances in the region based on this significant literary work, a place on the top lists of the world's literary platforms - book of the week in Germany according to "Spiegel", the first Macedonian author published by the renowned French publisher "Gallimar", the latest translation into Greek...

And for the essays, there is already an excellent response from local and regional authors.

(The text was published in "Cultural Press" number 227, in the printed edition of the newspaper "Sloboden Pechat" on 20-21.4.2024)

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