Final convention of the SDSM in Tetovo, Kovacevski with the support of the initiative "Tetovo loves a park"

Photo: SDSM

With a final convention, the candidates for councilors from SDSM and the coalition marked the end of the campaign for the extraordinary elections for the Council of the Municipality of Tetovo, which should be held on Saturday. At the convention, in addition to the holder of the list Gligoriye Stojanovski, addressed the president of the municipal organization in Tetovo, Alexovski lives, as well as the party president Dimitar Kovacevski.

"It is a great privilege, an even greater obligation to be a candidate for SDSM and the coalition. Your voice will be the voice of all citizens and you will have to work for them, to give your time to find constructive solutions in the Council in the interest of the citizens. My fellow citizens, the upcoming elections are important, let's leave the divisions and unite, to jointly make our city a better place to live. These are people who are with the citizens every day, distinguished and respected. Number 1 is for a better Tetovo, a modern Tetovo, for a European Tetovo, Alexovski said.

The incumbent Gligoriye Stojanovski said that with the help of the Government of SDSM, they will continue to solve the problems in the city that are important for the citizens.

"We will not stop in our efforts to make Tetovo a modern and European city. Paving of roads and streets, reconstruction of already existing thoroughfares, a new sports complex and commissioning of the chapel at the cemetery are just some of the projects that we are advocating as future advisors. "Citizens will feel the results of improving living conditions in Tetovo," said Stojanovski.

The president of SDSM, Dimitar Kovachevski reminded that with the help of the Government, a large number of projects have been implemented in Tetovo, as well as works that will continue to be done in the future.

"Just a few days ago in our Tetovo, we announced that we will produce electric cars that will be the pride of the automotive industry and our Macedonian brand that will be sold in other countries. Today it is a cornerstone, but tomorrow it will be a workplace for 900 workers from Tetovo and neighboring municipalities, a place where other companies will cooperate. SDSM invested much more in four years of the central government in Tetovo than 20 years before. For four years now, it has not been an isolated municipality, but is developing in every field," Kovacevski said.

The SDSM leader said that the list of councilors will fully stand behind the initiative "Tetovo wants a park" and everything will be done for Tetovo to get a new city park. He emphasized that SDSM solved the biggest strategic challenges of the state and announced that it will become a member of the European Union.

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