The SDSM rally is over

The central rally of SDSM and the coalition in Skopje in support of President Stevo Pendarovski has ended. From the pulpit came the assurance that Pendarovski will continue to be the president of this country, and that SDSM will win the parliamentary elections.

Pendarovski: Mickoski the other day called for the formation of an all-Macedonian patriotic front, just like during the regime

Speaking about the offer of the largest opposition party during the political campaign, Pendarovski assessed that instead of proposals for a better today and tomorrow for the citizens and the state, they recycled the same political solutions that brought the state to the status of isolated and trapped, with a government that mounted political processes and a country where there were political prisoners and journalists in jail.

Leven from the SDSM rally: PES strongly believes that the EU can only be stronger if North Macedonia is part of it

With EU membership, with the help of our allies, with the help of the USA, we can improve and use our national potential, our knowledge and our energy, said today the president of SDSM, Dimitar Kovacevski, at the central rally of SDSM that was held in Skopje.
In his address at the rally, Kovacevski indicated that in his program they guarantee an average salary of 1.100 euros and a minimum salary of 600 euros, as well as a minimum pension of 20 thousand denars, but also an average pension of 30 thousand denars.

Kovachevski: We will start the vetting after May 8, my colleagues and I will be the first in that inspection


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